Dos semanas mas

“Two more weeks”

Yes that right, I have 2 more weeks of Public school, AKA Spanish classes  at Pittsburg State. Let me tell you about living in Kansas; it’s just like you would imagine. Hot, Flat (ish), full of possibilities to do nothing (the skee ball machine has been broken for the last 6 weeks), and lots of homework. But in all honesty, it’s like living in Missouri or any other state, it’s just not my first choice.

Annndddd moving on. The summer is winding down, and that means I need to at least mentally prepare to jump right back into my final year at Conception. But before I do that, I have something things that need to happen. One of these things is the reason for my post day.  (Side note: I’m listening to “You’re the one that I want” from Grease, except in Spanish and it’s fantastic) Listen to it here

So I was sitting in Adoration the other day and in the midst of praying I though to myself “How well do the parishioners of St.Agnes know me?” I have been in the parish for 21 years,so many of them have seen me, but do they know me and my vocation story? So with this motivating me, I decided I was gonna do something about it. And I have.

August 5th at 6:30pm in the St.Agnes Cathedral grade school cafeteria, I’m going be hosting Q&A for the parish and anyone who wants to come and have a good time. There will be a panel of a few Seminarians, Priests ,and Deacons who will share their vocation story, share some stories about themselves, and just answer general questions. It promises to be a good time and I hope some of you are able to make it. Some light snacks and drinks will be provided, but bring more if you want.

I encourage anyone to come who maybe has no idea what it is that a seminarian does, or maybe why I wear that black “dress” on Sundays. Families are welcome so bring your kids if you don’t want to get a babysitter. let me know if you have any questions or whatnot.

Stay Divine and clear your calendar,



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