Out of nowhere

I realize that I have been gone for an exceptionally long period of time. I apologize, It’s senior year and things have not slowed down since I stepped foot here in August. I’ve taken my down time to work to improve myself and help me better focus on the issues that I need to get done.  Below is a reflection I wrote for my Parish. So enjoy this little pice of insight and please continue to pray for me and know that I am alive and doing well.


I have written this letter at least three different times and each time I thought that it was not good enough, so I started over. In sitting down to write this I realized that the semester is over halfway done and we are fast approaching the holiday season. It’s a little terrifying how fast things can move when we are just passively going about our activities and duties. In some of my down time, I read, and in reading one of my books, I came a cross a quote by St.Bruno it goes something like this: “While the word changes, the cross stands firm.”
How very true that is, especially in todays world. Here is an example of just what I mean when I quote St.Bruno: Thursdays here at the seminary are hectic. Meetings, classes, homework, meals, conferences, more classes, and then finally Mass. Any given day looks like this, but the only thing that is constant no matter the day, weather, or time of year, is Mass. Always we have the holy Mass. Why? Because in our stressful, constantly changing world, as St.Bruno says, the cross Stands firm.
Television series come and go, sports seasons end, we all know we can’t rely on the weather, songs change, cars break down, plans don’t always work out, but there is always the Church and with the Church comes the Mass. No matter what it is that we do, we all need a constant. Something unchanging that we can rely on. As a seminarian I’m coming to understand that the Church provides that constant. It takes hundreds of years before the Church changes one thing, so it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the Church is unchanging. One little quote, a mere 8 words. Think of how the world has changed since he himself wrote those words, and now ask yourself how much more true they resonate with us today.


Stay Divine,



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