Living in South America

Hola de América del Sur, (Hello from South America)  
By now many of you know that I have been gone for about 3 weeks, which means I have roughly 5 weeks left here in Colombia, South America. While this may seem like a vacation to many, it is anything but. The purpose of my leaving the States and coming to South America is to improve my understanding and speaking of the Spanish language. 

I traveled with 6 other seminarians from the St.Louis Arch-diocese to come and live in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. (I recommend you google it if you have a chance.) We live in the village and participate in the daily activities of the people we live with. We have in a sense been transplanted into the culture and language, which is the purpose of the program. 

Hopefully with my return in August, I’ll be as close to fluent as I’m going to be. I know many of you don’t speak Spanish, but there are many throughout the diocese that do, and it is our job as a universal church to minister to them as well. Learning Spanish never entered my mind when I thought of seminary, but alas here I am. 
I’ve been very absent on this blog for the past few months (ok a lot, almost half a year). But I have been very busy thesepast few months, and this blog is always one of the first things to take a back seat.  

Please keep me and the others with me in prayer as we finish off this summer assignment of ours. 

Stay divine, 

Joshua Carroll 


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